The objective of a proper maintenance system is to maintain as near constant moisture content of the soil around the foundation as possible. It is important to note that maintaining consistent moisture content of supporting soils is the key to proper foundation performance and to avoid the need for future foundation repair. Excessive moisture can cause the soil to lose its load bearing capacity, thus allowing foundation settlement.

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In areas such as Dallas, Fort Worth & Arlington, TX, where expansive clays is present, excessive moisture can cause swelling, while a reduced amount of moisture will cause the supporting soils to shrink and crack.


  The following is a list of items to be considered when planning proper foundation maintenance:


1. Maintain positive drainage away from the foundation and install French Drains or Catch Boxes. Never allow water to pool. The recommendation for positive drainage is a slope of 3 to 5% for a distance of at least 10 feet from the edge of the foundation.


2. Replace and compact any lose soil adjacent to the foundation with native soil: DO NOT use sand or a granular material.


3. It is recommended that landscape beds not be placed adjacent to the residential foundation, typically they should be placed a minimum of 5 feet from the edge. If one is placed adjacent to the foundation it should be equipped with a moisture barrier or an area drain. Area drains must be checked periodically to ensure that they are not clogged with. debris and draining freely away from foundation.


4. It is recommended that a tree-free-zone be placed around the foundation. A tree should not be located any closer to the foundation that half of its height at full growth 'or maturity.


5. Check swimming pools and pipes systems for leaks. Check gutter and downspouts for debris and that they are draining freely and away from foundation. .


6. Avoid seasonal drying around the perimeter of the foundation (too dry when soil is pulled away from foundation). .


7. Watering at the perimeter of the foundation should be maintained uniformly during all seasons, to minimize edge soils drying out and possible edge settlement. During hot and dry periods often seen in Texas ensure that adequate watering is being provided to keep the soil from cracking and/or pulling away from the foundation.


8. Complete a visual inspection of your residential foundation semi-annually and address any issues.



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My entire experience with Integrity was outstanding. They gave me a good estimate, did work beyond the scope of what what I thought I needed to prevent me from having issues when I sell the house, showed up exactly when they said they would, made the necessary repairs without trying to oversell the work to be performed, were ethical and lived up to their name, and left the house in better shape than they found it.
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I was referred to Integrity by a co-worker whose family had contracted them in the past. I interviewed two others as well. In terms of evaluation, all 3 companies came to the same conclusion about what needed to be done. The other two companies came out and did their thing and told me what was needed.. Integrity Foundation stood out from the other two because the gentleman walked me around my house and pointed out what he was identifying as he did his evaluation. From the get-go, Integrity scored major points. In terms of Pricing, Integrity was astonishingly below the other estimates.
Jim B. Irving, Texas

The 3 workers got to my home as the sun rose and as promised. They asked me to confirm where the piers were to be installed per the map of the home. Once they had the location, they began to dig the 6 holes needed to install the concrete piers. Piers were placed, holes were filled in, and the excess dirt from the holes was spread throughotu the backyard, per my direction. Plumber stopped by to do leak test and everything checked out. Altogether the job took them about 4 hours to complete. Job well done by Integrity.
Brett G. Mansfield, Texas

You certainly lived up to everything I'd hear about Integrity Foundation Repair. Your evaluation was thoroughly professional and I much appreciate that I joined that large number of people who think so highly of your company.
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