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Arlington, TX

How is the Soil in Your Arlington, TX Property Affecting Your Home?

 Arlington is one of the largest and most populous cities in the state of Texas.  Most homes in Arlington are built on expansive clay soil, which is characterized by a large clay content and a tendency to react to moisture. Homes built on this type of soil are prone to cracks in the foundation, especially in a climate like Arlington’s, which experiences extreme variations in temperatures and weather patterns.

How can you tell if your home has been built on expansive soil? One of the most obvious signs is the presence of shrink and swell; if you notice cracks in your driveway or the roadways by your house, or if the roads near your home are uneven, it’s a fairly straightforward sign that the soils underneath those areas are swelling as they become saturated and shrinking back down once they dry out. This movement causes cracking in your foundation, which in turn allows in moisture; since moisture in your home is the last thing you want, it pays to call in a professional quickly if you notice these issues.

Arlington's Foundation Repair Professionals

  Because Arlington is an older community, many local homes are older as well. Older homes are more prone to settling and developing cracks or weaknesses in their foundations, especially if they are built on expansive soil. These problems require thorough intervention, which should include fixing the issue and preventing it from happening again. If you suspect that your Arlington home needs reliable foundation repair or French drain installation, look no further than Integrity Foundation Repair. We’ll repair your foundation and improve your property’s drainage system in order to ensure your foundation stays dry for years to come. Contact us today!