Foundation Warranties: What to Expect After Your Homes’ Foundation Has Been Repaired

Certificate of Warranty post Foundation Repairs

The First 90 Days Post Foundation Repair

In the first 90 days after getting your home’s foundation repaired, you can expect a period of adjustment and monitoring. Initially, there may be some settling and minor cosmetic adjustments as your home adapts to its newly stabilized foundation. You may notice cracks closing or shifting, which is a normal part of the process. Regular inspections and follow-up checks by the repair company are crucial during this time to ensure that everything is progressing as planned. It’s also advisable to keep an eye on any signs of moisture or drainage issues, as these can affect the long-term stability of your foundation. Overall, patience and vigilance are key during this post-repair period to ensure the lasting success of the foundation repair.

Pier and Beam Homes’: Why Most Foundation Companies Provide a One Year Warranty

A pier and beam foundation warranty typically lasts for one year due to extraneous variables or external factors that can impact the long-term stability of the foundation. Unlike warranties for certain products or systems with more predictable lifespans, pier and beam foundations are subject to a wide range of conditions beyond the control of the repair company.Extraneous variables can include fluctuations in soil moisture levels, changes in the surrounding landscape, seismic activity, flooding, and even factors like termite or pest infestation. These variables can affect how the foundation performs over time. Since it’s challenging to predict how all these factors will interact and influence the foundation’s stability beyond a year, a one-year warranty is often deemed reasonable.By providing a limited warranty period, it allows homeowners to address any immediate issues or concerns shortly after the repair. It also acknowledges the dynamic nature of the external factors that can impact the foundation’s condition. To ensure the foundation’s long-term health, homeowners are encouraged to conduct regular inspections and perform maintenance as needed, even after the warranty period has expired.

Concrete and Steel Pier Installations = Lifetime Warranty

Foundation companies often provide a lifetime warranty for concrete and steel pier foundation repairs due to the inherent durability of these materials and methods. Concrete and steel piers are known for their robustness, capable of withstanding environmental challenges like moisture and soil movement. Moreover, the engineering expertise involved in their design and installation ensures long-term effectiveness. With a proven track record of stabilizing foundations over many years, these materials inspire confidence. Offering a lifetime warranty not only reassures homeowners but also distinguishes these companies from competitors, emphasizing their dedication to delivering high-quality, lasting solutions.

What does a Foundation Warranty Guarantee?

Free adjustments! Whether your homes foundation is concrete (steel or concrete pier installation) or pier and beam, during the duration of your warranty you may request a warranty inspection once the initial settlement period of 90 days has been reached. If your foundation company determines there is need for adjustments they will be free to you until your warranty expires.