Oh No! Sinkholes?

Sinkhole caused by surface dirt sinking in

Why Do Sinkholes Occur After Foundation Repairs?

Sinkholes can occur after foundation repair due to various interconnected factors. When a foundation undergoes repair, it can change the distribution of weight and pressure on the soil beneath it. If the soil was already compromised or weakened before the repair, this change in pressure can exacerbate existing issues. Additionally, foundation repair work may involve digging or excavating around the foundation, disturbing the soil’s natural stability. Though most foundation companies return the dirt to its original hole while utilizing water to try to keep it compact, oftentimes there will still be voids and gaps in the underlay. Normally sinkholes will occur during the first big rain after repairs are performed, this is because all of the soil where and around the original excavation was completed is getting completely saturated and the top soil will cave in.


Are They Going To Negatively Effect My Foundation?

If left untreated sinkholes will begin to get larger allowing any precipitation to soak into the foundation and can cause unwanted shifting which may lead to needing foundation repairs in the future. The dirt around the foundation allows rainwater to be spread more evenly away from the foundation. As sinkholes develop, they create voids and empty spaces in the soil beneath the foundation, leading to uneven settling and structural instability. This can result in cracks forming in the foundation, walls, and floors of the building. As the sinkhole expands, it can cause the foundation to sink or shift, causing doors and windows to become misaligned, impacting the overall structural integrity of the property.


What Do I Do If Sinkholes Occur On My Property?

Repairing sinkholes is an easy fix. All there is to do is add top soil back into the holes that have formed and compact it down as much as possible. Sinkholes may still occur after 1-2 backfills but will stop occurring once all voids have been filled. Sinkholes are a natural occurrence after foundation repair, if this happens to you after getting your repairs done through our company all you have to do Is give our office a call and we will send a crew to backfill them during every occurrence at no cost to you until the problem is permanently solved.