The Do’s and Don’ts When You Own a Pier and Beam Home

Why is maintaining your pier and beam foundation so important?

Pier and beam foundations have many components that require persistent upkeep. Many of the components can negatively effected by outside elements which is why having regular inspections is imperative. These inspections are checking for signs of damage, moisture levels, termite damage, and shifting. Seasonal shifting is going to occur in every pier and beam home and heat will expand the wooden components on your home and shrink them during the cool season. Seasonal shifting is normal but can cause negative effects such as minor cracking or sticking doors and windows. Outside elements such as moisture and termites are things we cannot control, but there are thing we can do to prevent them from causing harm to your foundation.

Scheduling Regular Inspections:

Scheduling regular inspections will help save you time and money down the line. Foundation experts are trained to spot early signs of moisture and termite damage allowing us to formulate a game plan to ensure things do not get worse. Don’t neglect regular inspections, this could end you up with very pricey repairs for things that could have been prevented.

Maintaining Proper Drainage:

Maintaining proper drainage around your home will help to prevent water accumulation under your home. Water accumulation can cause rotting of your beams which is the main support system of your foundation. Don’t let water seep into your crawlspace as this can cause premature sinking, mold, and water damage.


Maintaining proper ventilation is an imperative part of maintaining a stable pier and beam foundation. Proper ventilation will prevent moisture buildup and reduce the risk of mold. Avoid blocking crawl space vents as proper ventilation is essential to preventing moisture-related issues.

Regular Foundation Maintenance:

Addressing foundation maintenance promptly will prevent the need for more intense repairs down the road. The piers of your structure are sitting on top of soil that will eventually compact down due to the weight of the home requiring more shimming to be added. Don’t delay addressing foundation or structural issues as these things will only get worse over time.

Termite Control:

Implement termite prevention measures as the wooden components of your pier and beam can be susceptible to termite infestations. Once your main beams have been infested the beams will need to be replaced to maintain the structural integrity of your home and with the prices of wood these days these can easily turn into very costly repairs. Don’t ignore termite prevention and treatment as these can cause significant damage to the wooden components of your home.