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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost to transfer the warranty?

There is no cost to transfer our warranty. The process is simple, 

after the home is sold the new buyer will call to transfer and 

receive the warranty packet.


Do you have a 'Fund at close' option?

While we do have fund at close options they are a case by case basis. We also require a closing date before repairs begin.


Do you have supra keys?

Some of our inspectors do have supra keys. They do require a CBS code. 

FAQ continued

What is a warranty buyout?

Warranty buyouts occur when you have previous foundation work done on your house and that company is no longer in business. We give the option to put their work under our warranty. 


After we place piers under your home and it rains, the top soil will cave in on itself and create sinkholes. These are very common and nothing to worry about, if they occur give us a call and we will come fill them back in.

Foundation Maintenance

Proper drainage is key to maintaining your foundations moisture. Pools of water around your foundation will cause failure. Keeping your foundation moist will keep it steady.

Foundation Settlement

After repairs the house will take anywhere from 6-12 weeks to fully settle. This is normal. Small cracks or shifting may occur. 

Concrete vs Steel Piers

Concrete piers are used on most houses, they are the cheaper option but still reliable. Steel piers while costly, are the best option for heavier homes. 

Any further questions can we answer by our office team. Please contact them at (817) 561-6500.